Goteo #168: Reading (well) will make us free! 馃摉馃槉

If eating is not the same as eating well ... in Goteo we think that the same thing happens with reading. It is as important to do it on a daily basis as to know what is most nutritious for our good feelings and ideas.

About good food and good reading 馃構馃槉

That is why we help to co-finance those publications that we believe encourage freedom of decision and thought. We offer ourselves to bring to light magazines and books that we may not find in large areas, but that take us beyond our closest circle to know, empathize and recover our connection with other territories and people.

These are some of the campaigns that are active and in which you can collaborate today!

Salvaje is the new magazine that wants to take you to the field. Who wants you to release your mobile, stop receiving notifications for a moment and realize that many of our problems, such as anxiety or stress, are fixed outside.

PanteraMagazine is the magazine for children that will save the planet! A magazine that was born to inspire young readers to fight against climate change. Also for parents, teachers, and all people involved with childhood and youth, have a space, a common reference to inspire and find their way of activism.

Le贸n Luminoso, is a children's book for the prevention of child sexual abuse aimed at all adults who have their care and attention to children between 3 and 12 years, to those who want to accompany their emotional-sexual development. A story that encourages creating a space of trust and free communication, essential space to achieve empowerment and good self-esteem.

We also have the solidarity campaign to raise awareness of hi little! Mediterranean Fragility to explain to early childhood, through books and T-shirts, what is happening with all those people who try to reach Europe from countries at war, crossing the Mediterranean in terrible conditions.

Greatest Hits 馃槞馃檶

And, of course, there are already completed campaigns thanks to your contributions and love! 馃槣馃憦

Feminist Men (El Viaje) is a 160-page comic, available in its digital version for free download from the Cepaim Foundation website, in which it is proposed to be aware of the androcentrism in which some men are (we are) installed, and then try to abandon it.

Think Global, Print Local: Thinking from the commons, a book to put into practice and explore the great tradition and the promising future of the commons, a self-organized social system for the custody and prosperity of our collective wealth.

Markaz Tulkarem, a photo book that tells us about the Markaz Tulkarem club, a social, cultural and sports center in the Tulkarem refugee camp. This publication aims to show how the daily life of a refugee camp in the West Bank is and to live close to football away from the big spotlights, a type of football that in this case is an important pillar of the community.

And well, there are many more publications that we would like to recommend, but until here we arrived, you sure have a lot (more) to read these next days!

Oh! And happy Sain(t) George and Georgina!

In order for us to continue our work so that more civic initiatives take place

PANTERA MAGAZINE, la revista para ni帽os y ni帽as que s铆 salvar谩n el planeta
By: Cristina Camarena
PANTERA MAGAZINE, la revista para ni帽os y ni帽as que s铆 salvar谩n el planeta
Categories: Ecological
Pantera no es s贸lo una revista sobre naturaleza para ni帽os y ni帽as, es una comunidad que lucha contra el cambio clim谩tico plantando 谩rboles.
Co-financing: Minimum $ 19,219 _ Optimum $ 57,656
Remaining: 33 days
Salvaje, la revista que quiere sacarte al campo. #HazteSalvaje
By: Revista Salvaje
Salvaje, la revista que quiere sacarte al campo. #HazteSalvaje
Categories: Ecological
Salvaje es la publicaci贸n para desconectar del m贸vil, reivindicar nuestra naturaleza y dar voz a nuestros pueblos
Co-financing: Minimum $ 22,045 _ Optimum $ 50,307
Remaining: 26 days
Conte El Lle贸 Llumin贸s / Cuento El Le贸n Luminoso
By: Cristina Portal Ruiz
Conte El Lle贸 Llumin贸s / Cuento El Le贸n Luminoso
Categories: Educational
Volem autoeditar un llibre per a l'educaci贸 afectiva-sexual infantil; crear un contacontes; i dinamitzar tallers per a joves.
Co-financing: Minimum $ 2,374 _ Optimum $ 3,618
Remaining: 24 days
Orquesta Escuela Social Zaragoza
By: Orquesta Escuela
Orquesta Escuela Social Zaragoza
Categories: Cultural
Buscamos tu apoyo para continuar con nuestros ensayos de la Orquesta Escuela Social, integrada por menores en riesgo de exclusi贸n
Co-financing: Minimum $ 3,406 _ Optimum $ 9,623
Remaining: 13 days
7th EMES Research Conference Solidarity Fund
By: EMES International Research Network
7th EMES Research Conference Solidarity Fund
Categories: Social
Help unfunded PhD students and early career researchers participate in a conference on social enterprise, cooperative and voluntary action
Co-financing: Minimum $ 9,609 _ Optimum $ 15,375
Remaining: 13 days
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